Honda Civic Review

The Honda Civic has its own unique exterior design. It is not styled anything like the Honda’s of the past. The bold exciting design is a surprising change of pace for the normally conservative and practical company.
Honda has been known for its reliable, durable, and conservative cars for years. It seems to be a late participant in the trendier segment of the market. The Civic boasts all of Honda’s endearing qualities and high standards in a more fashionable and promising package.
The Civic delivers a nice ride and good handling, and the body style will appeal to younger buyers giving Honda a foothold in the market that it’s never had before. The company realizes that it must embrace more of the younger buyers to ensure the company’s future success.
The diesel variant is an attractive option because its fuel efficient and offers an excellent level of speed and refinement. The car’s fascia may take a little getting used to but once it has been mastered it is very functional and well thought out.
The car offers good cabin space for both front and rear passengers. The boot is a good size as well. The Civic is a well rounded dependable vehicle.
The Honda Civic provides good value for the money. The diesel variant is fairly expensive and may take a while to pay for itself. Honda’s are known for their reliability so maintenance should be minimal, and running costs are also relatively low.
The car’s spacious cabin can easily accommodate a small family. The cabin space is adequate for supplying enough room for all passengers to be fairly comfortable. The boot is a good size and the car comes with a locking centre console and a rather large glovebox. The rear seats can fold down to provide even more storage space.
The car’s fascia is covered with digital instruments. The high-tech look is part of the appeal to the younger generation of buyers. The car even includes a start up button. The complexity of the controls and dials are somewhat annoying at first but once acclimated to the set-up, it really is practical and useful.
Both front and rear passengers have enough head and legroom to be very comfortable. The cabin successfully filters out most engine and road noise. Higher speeds tend to increase the noise level in the cabin, with the diesel engine proving to be the quieter of the two. The Civic provides a good comfortable ride.
The Civic is easily accessible. The large door apertures provide easy access into the high sitting seats, allowing most passengers to slide into the cabin without any trouble at all. Rear seats are easy to access but slightly more difficult to egress. The tailgate is easy to manipulate in order to gain boot access.
Parking is not difficult due to the high driver position and the light steering at low speeds. The car comes equipped with large side mirrors that are crucial to visibility due to the car’s limited rear vision.
Life Style
This is a fun car to drive yet Honda has not sacrificed comfort or style. The 2.2-litre diesel variant offers a better driving experience performance wise and also sounds and feels better than its petrol counter part. Good braking also helps to increase the driver appeal and a smooth gearshift doesn’t hurt either.
The Civic would make a decent family vehicle for a very small family with younger children. The car has adequate cabin space available to comfortably seat four passengers. Children would be more than comfortable in the rear seats. The boot is adequate and Isofix child seat mounts come standard with the car.
This could be a good first car choice. It is more affordable than many of it’s competitors and given the company’s reputation for reliability and durability it is not likely to cost the buyer much in repairs. Insurance would vary based on engine choice.
Honda has produced another high quality product. Fit and finish are excellent and quality materials were used in the cabin, improving the overall feel. The new body style will impress younger buyers and go far to increasing the way the public defines the company.
Security and Safety
The Civic is equipped with many security features including deadlocks, a rolling code immobilizer, remote central locking, and a lockable glovebox. Other sportier models come equipped with an alarm.
The car includes twin front and side airbags, along with electronic stability controls and antilock brakes. The car also comes with five three-point seat belts. These safety features are above industry standards.
The Finishing Touches
The stereo unit comes with a CD player and basic controls are duplicated on the steering wheel for the driver’s convenience. The stereo’s display is large and clear and the sound quality is very good. There are many impressive upgrades available on the options list.
The Civic looks more attractive in lighter colors. The interior is comprised of high quality dark plastics, and compliments the car’s high-tech fascia. The car’s standard cloth seats are adequate but the leather option gives the cabin a more high-class look and feel.
Honda has developed a new face in order to attract younger buyers, but at the same time they have managed to hold on to their old ideas as far as reliability, durability, and dependability go. The company has made a step toward ensuring their place in tomorrow’s market with the bold new look of the Honda Civic.