Lease Honda Civic

There is no doubt that the Honda Civic is a stylish car that will appeal to many people who are looking for an alternative to the big names in the medium sized hatchback market.  With an aggressive front end and sleek lines giving the Civic a very different look to its rivals, younger drivers in particular have been drawn to the distinctive and individual Civic.  Although it may look like quite a sporty car, it does balance good handling and a fun driving experience with the practicality of a spacious cabin and a large boot.
The majority of buyers who will choose to lease a car will usually be companies, and the small and compact Civic is practical for commercial buyers as well as being a good option for private drivers.  Both commercial and private drivers can benefit from leasing the car, as it gets people behind the wheel of a new Civic without requiring a hefty deposit.  Another benefit of leasing is that drivers can be certain of what the monthly cost is, and this will also often be much cheaper than the monthly payments available for those buying a car on finance.
The lease of a Honda Civic will usually be for a fixed period of time, and at the end of the contract the car is returned to the leasing company.  There is a possibility at the end of the term that there will be a shortfall between the value of the car and the funds already paid, but the Civic is a good option for those leasing a car as a well maintained model will often hold its value quite well.  At the end of the lease drivers will have the option of buying the car outright, but this will often prove a more expensive way to buy the car in the long run when compared with purchase finance.
Leasing isn’t an option for everyone, especially for those who are looking to buy a car for the long term, but for those drivers who tend to replace their cars every three years it can often be a predictable and affordable way to drive.  However, it is important to service the car regularly and to keep the car in good running order to ensure its value doesn’t drop significantly during the life of the lease.  The Civic is a great car to drive, and leasing is a cheap way to get behind the wheel both for private and commercial drivers.